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Voice of America

Migrant Influx Opportunity for Change in Europe

"The European Union of the future, as it looks right now, will be a multi-cultural, multi-religious club, and the European Union needs to address the challenge of how to integrate the refugees," Heuser said.

Huffington Post

Not Your Grandma's Cuba: A New Day in the Caribbean


Germany and the US: A Tale of Two AAAs

Germany and the United States are among the few countries left in the world with top sovereign credit ratings. But while the outcome may be the same, a closer look reveals that the two countries’ AAA status is based on very different economic and social circumstances. Taking into account the longer-term risks both economies are facing, the US could be in a better position than Germany to maintain its stellar rating going forward.


Annette Heuser on Russia and the G7 Summit

Sanctions are the only tool in the toolbox for the western leaders right now, (...) but besides that some more creative thinking is needed on how to engage Russia in the future because completely isolating it has not worked so far.

The Economist

Waiting for Schindler’s list

“Trust runs deeper than expected,” says Annette Heuser of the Washington branch of the Bertelsmann Foundation, a German think-tank. With the Pew Research Centre, Bertelsmann surveyed Germans in late February (before news of the BND’s deals with the NSA) and found that 62% still consider America “a reliable ally”, more than see Britain as one.

Foreign Policy

Germany’s America Angst

Despite some evidence in 2014 that Germans might have preferred to keep their distance from both Moscow and Washington, today a majority of Germans (57 percent) believe it is more important for their country to have strong ties with the United States than with Russia.


British EU exit could hit UK GDP hard long-term, German study finds

The bottom line is that everyone involved would lose economically and politically from the UK leaving the EU.

Voice of America

Germany Warily Assumes Greater Global Role

What is Europe’s phone number?' I think we can give Henry Kissinger a very solid answer now. The number is in Berlin.

Deutsche Welle

Free trade deals highlight discord over investor protection

It gives a signal to investors that the country respects rule of law and that it's a secure investment environment.

Voice of America

Germany’s Clout

When Kissinger was asking the famous question what is Europe’s phone number, I think we can give Henry Kissinger a very solid answer now. The number is in Berlin.