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Voice of America

Migrant Influx Opportunity for Change in Europe

"The European Union of the future, as it looks right now, will be a multi-cultural, multi-religious club, and the European Union needs to address the challenge of how to integrate the refugees," Heuser said.

Huffington Post

Not Your Grandma's Cuba: A New Day in the Caribbean


Germany and the US: A Tale of Two AAAs

Germany and the United States are among the few countries left in the world with top sovereign credit ratings. But while the outcome may be the same, a closer look reveals that the two countries’ AAA status is based on very different economic and social circumstances. Taking into account the longer-term risks both economies are facing, the US could be in a better position than Germany to maintain its stellar rating going forward.


Annette Heuser on Russia and the G7 Summit

Sanctions are the only tool in the toolbox for the western leaders right now, (...) but besides that some more creative thinking is needed on how to engage Russia in the future because completely isolating it has not worked so far.

The Economist

Waiting for Schindler’s list

“Trust runs deeper than expected,” says Annette Heuser of the Washington branch of the Bertelsmann Foundation, a German think-tank. With the Pew Research Centre, Bertelsmann surveyed Germans in late February (before news of the BND’s deals with the NSA) and found that 62% still consider America “a reliable ally”, more than see Britain as one.

Foreign Policy

Germany’s America Angst

Despite some evidence in 2014 that Germans might have preferred to keep their distance from both Moscow and Washington, today a majority of Germans (57 percent) believe it is more important for their country to have strong ties with the United States than with Russia.


British EU exit could hit UK GDP hard long-term, German study finds

The bottom line is that everyone involved would lose economically and politically from the UK leaving the EU.

Voice of America

Germany Warily Assumes Greater Global Role

What is Europe’s phone number?' I think we can give Henry Kissinger a very solid answer now. The number is in Berlin.

Deutsche Welle

Free trade deals highlight discord over investor protection

It gives a signal to investors that the country respects rule of law and that it's a secure investment environment.

Voice of America

Germany’s Clout

When Kissinger was asking the famous question what is Europe’s phone number, I think we can give Henry Kissinger a very solid answer now. The number is in Berlin.

Government Gazette

TTIP: Offering Benefits beyond Big Business

The public debate, awash with such unsubstantiated claims, has become bogged down in some of the minor, even non-existent, elements of a potential deal.

Deutsche Welle

Merkel, Obama ponder Ukraine and security in Washington

Berlin is skeptical about providing military assistance to Ukraine because it believes there is only a diplomatic option here that can solve the conflict - and that military assistance will further escalate the conflict.

National Public Radio

Merkel's U.S. Visit Could Turn Testy

What we are seeing is the ultimate stress test to the transatlantic relationship. And therefore, it is really essential that the key players, which are ultimately right now Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, are talking to each other this Monday.

The Boston Globe

Trade proposal, with rare reach, blurs party line

A 2013 study conducted by two supporters of free trade, the Atlantic Council and the Bertelsmann Foundation, stated that the trans-Atlantic deal could increase Massachusetts exports to the European Union by 28.7 percent, and boost net employment by 17,740 jobs.

Anadolu Agency

Morales embarks on third term in Bolivia

Sliding natural gas sales, which make up 30 percent of government revenue, could curb the expansion of popular cash transfer programs, according to Samuel George of the Bertelsmann Foundation...

Financial Times

5 steps to kick-start Brazil

Brazil’s impressive progress means it can no longer stimulate growth by helping families afford a refrigerator — they have one now, and do not need another. Brazil’s new middle class needs better jobs, more skills and a dependable economy.

Central Penn Business Journal

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership a different kind of trade deal

This is a unique opportunity for the US and the EU to maintain focus on the common goal of more jobs and economic growth.

Anadolu Agency

Venezuela open to be hit by low oil prices

[Venezuela's] imports require American dollars, and decreasing oil revenue will challenge the country’s already complicated access to greenbacks.

The Independent

The 'other' Latin American bloc is quietly getting on with the job

If the Pacific Alliance countries could negotiate access to these Mercosur countries, it would be a tremendous business opportunity.

Inter-American Dialogue's Latin America Advisor

Will Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance Strengthen Ties?

The more trade-friendly Mercosur countries want a deal with the EU, and within Mercosur they have discussed a two-track negotiation process that would allow some countries to enter a trade agreement with the EU while others would not.

Anadolu Agency

Argentina aims to ease energy investments with new bill

[The Bertelsmann Foundation's Samuel] George said that one of the major concerns investors currently have about Argentina is a perception that there is questionable commitment to the "rules of the game".

The Washington Post

Pacific Alliance Presidents Seek Common Agenda With Mercosur

If the Pacific Alliance countries could negotiate access to these Mercosur countries, it would be a tremendous business opportunity.

Bloomberg News

U.S. Preparing to Hit Russia With Fresh Sanctions

Germany pushed hard for the European Council to sanction Russia, and Germans are tired of U.S. criticism that it is not doing enough...

Foreign Policy


The perception in Germany among both the political class and many citizens is that "the United States, at the end of the day, doesn't care what the Germans think."


The Italian job: keeping the European family together

At critical moments in the history of the European project, an Italian has often stepped in to offer a new idea, a vote of confidence or sound leadership.

Bloomberg News

U.S. Struggles to Mend German Relations After Spy Expelled

It’s 'a bad sign for the TTIP negotiations'.

PBS NewsHour

Is Germany overreacting to allegations of US spying?

To respond to the latest allegations by saying 'Everyone is spying on everybody' is a very easy answer to a very complex political problem.

Policy Review

Cameron should keep calm and carry on with the Spitzenkandidaten

A more direct and representative procedure must be put into place if Spitzenkandidaten are to have more democratic legitimacy. This procedure must also restore the Council-Parliament balance of power to give both bodies equal roles.

Sovereign credit ratings must be disrupted

...we can assess if a country is willing to plan and invest for its future in a rapidly changing world. That's an important indicator of whether a country is willing to repay its debt.


Ratings agency system 'not sufficient'

The current system [for rating] sovereign risk... is not longer sufficient.

Financial Times

Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance – do opposites attract?

Since its inception, the Pacific Alliance has generated a lot of buzz. The hype is a bit odd because what has truly distinguished the four countries’ cooperation is its pragmatism. Shared macroeconomic stability, commitment to democracy and economic integration have made the four “Pacific Pumas” natural partners.

Deutsche Welle

Alianza del Pacífico, modelo pionero, según estudio

México, Colombia, Perú y Chile están lejos de estar en una situación perfecta, pero tienen una oportunidad de oro

Financial Times

EU elections pose new threat to trade deal

'The end result [of the European elections] will be slower progress on a deal. A comprehensive and ambitious TTIP is on its way to becoming a transatlantic mirage of President Obama’s last term,' said Annette Heuser...

Bloomberg Businessweek

Sound bites and predictions on trade treaties

"There is quite a gap between what the politicians are looking at and what people are talking about," said Josh Stanton with Bertelsmann.

Policy Review

Optimism fading on both sides of trans-Atlantic trade talks

TTIP’s fate ultimately lies with the degree to which stakeholders are satisfied with the agreement and its potential impact.

Annette Heuser on breaking the credit ratings oligopoly

The issue is that we have, in a key sector of the financial market, an oligopoly that's formed by the Big Three. That's Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch.

Financial Times

US and EU politics fuels anxieties over slow progress in transatlantic talks

A joint survey taken in February and March in the US and Germany by the Pew Research Center and the Bertelsmann Foundation... found that while both Americans and Germans supported the idea of free trade in general, they were less supportive of individual elements of the mooted pact.

USA Today

Don't be afraid of U.S.-E.U. free trade

Trade is good. Trade between Europe and the United States is even better. In a nutshell, these are the results of a recent survey by the Pew Research Center and the German Bertelsmann Foundation.

The Washington Diplomat

Four Latin American Envoys Tout Power of Pacific Pumas

Coining a new buzzword — “pumanomics” — George said that despite overall turbulence in emerging markets worldwide, the four signatories to the [Pacific Alliance] have enjoyed low inflation and strong growth.

Deutsche Welle

The Dispute Over the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement

When it comes to specifics [about TTIP], Europeans and Germans have a lot of doubts.

Spiegel Online

NSA What? Spying Scandal Unlikely to Dominate Merkel's US Visit

In order to demonstrate trans-Atlantic unity to Moscow, [Annette Heuser] says, Merkel will need "concrete commitments from the president on strong limits for NSA spying activities in Germany."

Financial Times

US unemployment: A long-term trap

“[Long-term unemployment] is the number-one cyclical economic challenge that the US faces right now,” Jason Furman, chairman of the White House council of economic advisers, said at a conference in April hosted by the Financial Times and the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Financial Times

Pacific Alliance partners set sights on Asian Tiger-status

Lost amid headlines from the drug wars and commodity trade publications – and perhaps overshadowed by economic and political vicissitudes in Venezuela and Argentina – is the fact that alliance members have enjoyed strong macroeconomic performance, improved governance and increased global integration.

Financial Times

Pacific Alliance captures zeitgeist in era of ‘mega’ trade agreements

As Samuel George pointed out in a recent report for the Bertelsmann Foundation on what he dubbed the “Pacific Pumas”, the members of the Pacific Alliance “do not exactly have compatible export portfolios”.


Study touts transatlantic trade

...the study expects TTIP to provide $198 billion in export growth in all analyzed U.S. sectors over the 15 years following implementation of the agreement.

Tico Times

Diplomats in Washington tout the emerging ‘Pumas of the Pacific’

This study suggests that quietly, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru have taken big strides toward stabilizing their macroeconomic foundations, making major inroads against poverty.


Treasury big obstacle to financial sector's inclusion in TTIP ; Survey shows optimism remains on deal

70% of American respondents were satisfied with the level of transparency in the talks, but only 55% of Europeans were satisfied

Deutsche Welle

Fuel for the next cold war

The offer from the Americans, particularly the Republicans, to start gas supplies from the US to Europe and especially to Germany should be primarily understood as a political strategy.


High-stakes US-European trade talks open with major hurdles ahead

For American industry, a new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Atlantic Council and the British Embassy in Washington concludes that 14 industrial sectors will see a boost in exports when the free-trade deal passes.

Financial Times

Argentina’s day in court

Bondholders may become increasingly reluctant to accept haircuts on sovereign securities, thus complicating the ability of a distressed country to restructure its debt.


An update on my non-profit credit rating agency

Transparency and accountability: those are the key components for higher-quality sovereign ratings.

Al Jazeera America

The real state of the union: Foreign policy

The U.S. and Europe will be unable to solve global security issues if they cannot overcome their own bilateral insecurities.

Spiegel Online

Spy Games: Trans-Atlantic Relations Should Not Be Jeopardized

This is no time for visceral reactions. This is a time -- and an opportunity -- to comprehend each other's perceptions and political realities.

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny

NSA Spying Scandal: Can the U.S. Rebuild Trust with Its Allies?

Of course you can say – and we heard it all over the news this weekend from political leaders from both sides of the aisle – that everyone is spying on everybody and there's nothing new about that, but I would argue it's something unprecedented. – Annette Heuser, executive director, Bertelsmann Foundation


Europe-US trust, shattered by NSA spying, could take decades to rebuild

I believe that there is a tendency here in the US and in this administration not to take relations with Europeans seriously, and to believe that scandals and problems can easily be brushed away. This is a fundamental mistake. We have also noticed that the Obama administration, like no other US administration in post-war history, has lost the ability to understand the Europeans and to read them accurately. This is a huge problem for transatlantic relations.

The New York Times

Amid New Storm in U.S.-Europe Relationship, a Call for Talks on Spying

This American administration is “misreading and miscalculating the effects” of its deeds in a Europe that is less ready than it once was to heed the United States, said Annette Heuser, executive director of the Bertelsmann Foundation, a research organization in Washington.

The National Interest

Imperial Life in the Merkel Republic

Merkel is perched atop the entire European political system like an inert leviathan, judiciously but rarely employing power in a style of leadership that makes an art of “leaning backward” the defining attribute of the Merkel era in Germany and throughout Europe.

Business First (Louisville, KY)

What does Kentucky stand to gain from a European trade agreement?

Companies that produce and sell processed foods, such as Louisville-based Yum! Brands Inc. would see a net increase of about $100 million in exports, said Kara Sutton, legislative relations project manager for the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Free trade agreement could mean jobs, exports boost for state (Driving Alabama)

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would mean more than 9,000 jobs and an estimated 138 percent increase in state exports to the EU, according to a study published by the Bertelsmann Foundation, a European think tank.

Fort Worth Star Telegram

The U.S. and Texas need a free-trade deal with Europe

Initiated by former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk during his tenure as U.S. trade representative and announced in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, the TTIP represents a major opportunity to reignite U.S. exports and set the stage for trans-Atlantic primacy in setting global economic rules of the road.

Charleston Daily Mail

Shutdown shutters US trade deal discussions

"It has been called an 'economic NATO' and presents a chance for the EU and U.S. to continue maintaining the values like open markets and protection of intellectual property in the global economic environment," said Kara Sutton, legislative director for the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Pittsburgh Business Times

Report: TTIP could bring about 34K jobs to Pennsylvania

"When we were looking at the numbers, we found there was a big impact in all 50 states, with each gaining jobs and increasing exports," said Kara Sutton, project manager for legislative relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation.

The Miami Herald

U.S. and Europe plan a free-trade zone

A new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, Europe’s largest think tank, the British Embassy and the Atlantic Council concludes that TTIP will create between 740,000 and 1 million jobs in the United States.

Albuquerque Business First

Trade partnership could bring NM 4,500 jobs, advocates say jobs and increased exports could be realized if the U.S. signs the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, said the study by the British government, the Bertelsmann Foundation and The Atlantic Council of the United States.

White House Chronicle

Red, white and shutdown blue

This October 7, 2013 edition of "White House Chronicle" features Bertelsmann Foundation Director of Transatlantic Relations Tyson Barker, The Economist's David Rennie and The Eisenhower Group's Susan Eisenhower in a discussion of the latest developments in Washington's domestic and foreign policies. To view the program, click here.

National Public Radio

Germany's Chancellor Leads Conservative Party To Victory

[Angela Merkel] got reconfirmation from 42 percent of the German public that she should stay in power, and that the course she took not only domestically but also within the European Union was approved.

The New York Times

Merkel Re-Elected in Show of Strong Support for Party

Sunday’s election outcome “is the safest course for a country like Germany,” Annette Heuser, executive director of the Bertelsmann Foundation, said in a telephone interview from Washington. The mentality, she said, is “Why rock the boat?”

The Washington Times

Greece’s economy plays role in German election

“You can sell these tough decisions after you have won the elections and are in office again,” said Annette Heuser, executive director of the Washington office at the Bertelsmann Foundation, a German think tank. “That’s the window of opportunity, and there is no doubt that Merkel will use it.”

Internationale Politik

On the "Outs": An early geoeconomic conundrum for the US-EU trade deal

The Obama administration’s second-term trade policy centers on two bi-regional “mega-FTAs” – one with the EU and one with countries of the Asia-Pacific – taking advantage of the US’s Pacific and Atlantic identities. Once concluded, the agreements will make the US a pivotal state in the international trade order, tied simultaneously to the world’s fastest growing region (the Asia-Pacific) and the world’s largest economic bloc (the EU).


Historic trade talks get underway in Washington

The good thing here domestically is that there is broad consensus on free trade in Congress and in the administration. Both Democrats and Republicans would like to see open free trade agreements with a wide array of partners.

The National Interest

A New Declaration of Interdependence

Obama’s trip to the Europe and the launch of the TTIP are powerful signs of his administration’s second-term reprioritization of Europe. The trip also demonstrates that its well-publicized “pivot” to Asia does not mean America is abandoning its oldest and closest allies.

Financial Times

Trade deal would benefit US more than EU, Ifo study finds

“From an economic point of view, it’s not a big problem but from a political point of view . . . if something like this happens, it will be difficult to hold countries together,” said Ulrich Schoof, project manager at the Bertelsmann Foundation.


Rating the ratings agencies: Annette Heuser at TEDGlobal 2013

“We are allowing rating agencies to be intransparent about their work. We need to change this,” Heuser says.


‘Pumas del Pacífico’, versión latina de ‘tigres asiáticos'

Colombia, Perú, Chile y México, los países de la Alianza Pacífico, son ahora denominados los ‘Pumas’, haciendo una analogía con lo que en su momento fueron los ‘tigres asiáticos’.

Financial Times

LatAm’s Pacific Pumas

Inflation, long a scourge of Latin America, has been held within central-bank bands across the Puma economies. Gone are the days of switching on the printing press to cover deficits. Low inflation combined with burgeoning reserves have permitted the Pumas to assume countercyclical positions—a Latin American rarity.


No Time for Mercantilist Posturing in Transatlantic Trade Talks

The relatively low hanging fruit – according to the Atlantic/Bertelsmann survey – includes the elimination or significant reduction of tariffs across multiple sectors.

Bloomberg View

U.S.-EU Trade Talks Risk Damaging Turkey Ties

Turkey formed its customs union with the EU in 1995, with a view to eventually joining the bloc. The terms of this union stipulate that the government in Ankara can’t pursue a bilateral free-trade agreement with any country until the EU has established one already.

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

U.S.-Russian Relations after the “Reset”

Vladimir Putin’s return to the Russian presidency has produced a dramatic deterioration in bilateral relations as he has blamed the United States for meddling in Russia’s domestic affairs, forced Western-funded NGOs to register as “foreign agents,” and expelled USAID and Radio Liberty from the country.

Financial Times

Scope Ratings aims to shake-up hegemony

...the Bertelsmann Foundation’s International Non-profit Credit Rating Agency (Incra) had initiated its coverage of US government debt with a AA+ rating.

Financial Times

Bertelsmann Foundation disputes US rating

Political gridlock and growing inequality in the US mean the country does not deserve a triple-A credit rating, even though government debt is manageable, according to a maiden analysis from the Bertelsmann Foundation.

The Foundation’s International Nonprofit Credit Rating Agency (Incra) certifies the US as AA+, with a warning that partisan squabbling, low voter participation and an inefficient government has made the country less adaptable and socially cohesive than is required for a top rating.

Spiegel Online

Bailout Insights: What Cyprus Tells Us about Germany's Character

The architects of the euro had one primary strategic goal. It was, to play on Lord Ismay's famous quip about NATO, to keep the Americans out, the Germans in and the Mediterranean states down -- at least as far as monetary policy was concerned.

Americas Quarterly

The Pacific Pumas

...these Pacific economies have taken their cues from the Asian tigers of the 1980s, quietly becoming economic overachievers. Given the rise of China and the American pivot to the East, the Puma countries are poised to play a significant role in the emerging Pacific century.

The Times of India

Future in their Hands

The event is an initiative of Bertelsmann Foundation to empower young voices "to contribute in an increasingly interconnected world, where policymakers and advisors tend to view issues in a vacuum".

Foreign Affairs

For Transatlantic Trade, This Time Is Different

A deal would give the West greater leverage to push back against China and reaffirm the liberal international order.

Agence France-Presse

John Kerry embarks on sweeping tour of Europe, Mideast

Tyson Barker of the Bertelsmann Foundation think tank said that, after a first term focused on relations with Pacific countries, President Barack Obama hopes "to consolidate and retro-fit some of our legacy relationships."

Bloomberg Businessweek

EU Seeks to Advance U.S. Trade Deal as China’s Role Grows

“China has emerged and could potentially disrupt the global economic system,” Tyson Barker, director of transatlantic relations for the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, said... “The U.S. and Europe have an opportunity to reset the economic system on terms that favors their economic outlook.”

Agence France-Presse

Clinton's Legacy at the Heart of US Diplomacy

Tyson Barker, director of transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation North America, agreed that "Europe loves Hillary Clinton, and she's spent a lot of time here investing in that relationship.

Agence France-Presse

Senator John Kerry steps into Clinton's Shoes

"He really does see this as a capstone to his career," said Tyson Barker, director for transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation North America.

Diplomatic Courier

Global Democratization: Applying Successful Approaches from Central and Eastern Europe

...democracy does not simply happen, and it is a long process requiring dialogue as the fundamental core to cultivate change.

Associated Press

US, EU considering world's biggest free trade pact

"This will not be smooth sailing in Europe, by any stretch of the imagination," [Tyson Barker] said.

The New York Times

Newcomer to Ratings Game Gives France a Dim View

“We need an international solution that brings in the emerging economies,” Ms. Heuser said.


Non-profit rating agency pilot gives Germany top marks

Bertelsmann said its aim was "to change the perception of sovereign ratings" where downgrades were taken as "a national insult ... Sovereign ratings should be seen as a solid blueprint for analysing the challenges facing individual governments".

International Herald Tribune

Europe Eyes Trade Pact With Obama

Mr. Obama’s trade team has been quietly working out the details for a transatlantic free trade agreement and would be interested in pursuing it in earnest next year, according to Tyson Barker, an expert on U.S.-Europe relations, writing in the German magazine Der Spiegel this week.

Mr. Barker, the Washington-based director of transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation, cautioned, however, that Congress could act as a wildcard in the moves toward free trade.

Der Spiegel

Obama Victory to Further Euro-Crisis Clash with Berlin

President Barack Obama's re-election, albeit a victory much narrower than in 2008, bodes for political consistency, at least in the near future. Second administrations are often about consolidating policies made during first terms; they prove moderating counterpoints to initial, ideologically charged initiatives.


Obama II and Europe

Tyson Barker of the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington said Obama should make the case, more publicly, for deeper, more resolute economic integration and coordinated fiscal expansion with the old continent in order to kick-start the US economy.

Fair Observer

Reality Check - The Impact of a Romney Victory on Europe

The Republican challenger is no longer his party’s hopeless second- or third-tier choice. He may remain that among Europeans, but their overwhelming support for Barack Obama cannot blind them from seeing reality. Instead, they need to consider the consequences of a Romney victory.

France 24

The US Presidential Election: France 24 Interview with Transatlantic Relations Director Tyson Barker

Both candidates... have really looked at the eurozone crisis through the prism of domestic politics. Romney sees it austerity versus [wasteful] policies.... Obama, on the other hand, has said what we need to do is grow our way back to [a] sound footing.

Internationale Politik

Neue Regeln für die Ratingriesen

...eines ist sicher: Die nächste Krise in Sachen Ratingagenturen kommt bestimmt.

Foreign Policy

September is the Cruelest Month the coming month, anxiety-ridden policymakers struggling to maintain the euro will face a series of threats that are anything but symbolic. September will witness a political big bang that ushers in another existential crisis, and failure on any single issue could wreck the European currency.


Why The World Doesn't Care About The U.S. Election

...the drama surrounding the first African-American candidacy was hard to beat. But now, nearly a full term later, Barack Obama has disappointed his once-adoring fans abroad with a mixed record. They have realized that even the charismatic and rhetorically talented politician can work no wonders.


British gold rush silences gripes over cost

"The thing about the London games is that everything seems to have gone well," said Tyson Barker, head of transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington.

"And that means no one is talking about it. If it had been a fiasco it would be a different matter."


Restoring credibility to sovereign credit ratings

Europe’s quick reaction to its lowered creditworthiness was a proposal to create a European CRA to counterbalance the oligopoly of the big three American rating agencies — Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and Fitch. But such a narrowly focused CRA is not the most effective solution for re-establishing the validity of sovereign ratings.

The Globalist

America's Mommy Wars: A Transatlantic Perspective

When [German Labor Minister (and former Family Minister) Ursula von der Leyen] visited Washington in April, well before the current episode of the American Mommy Wars, she flattered her audience at a conference sponsored by the Bertelsmann Foundation by stating: "You Americans were always ahead of us in combining work and family."

Financial Times Deutschland

Was Mitt Romney den Europäern erklären muss

Romneys Besuch wird zwangsläufig mit jenem des damaligen Kandidaten und heutigen US-Präsidenten Barack Obama in Deutschland im Juli 2008 verglichen, der sich auf den Stufen der Berliner Siegessäule resolut zum "Weltbürger" erklärte. Der republikanische Kandidat wird Gelegenheit haben, seine Vorstellungen von den amerikanisch-europäischen Beziehungen darzulegen - eine "Vision", die bislang noch unvollkommen ist und auf veralteten Gemeinplätzen beruht.

Der Spiegel

Romney's Trans-Atlantic Policy Needs a Reboot

Romney's visit will inevitably draw parallels to that of candidate Barack Obama, who on a visit to Germany in July 2008, resolutely declared on the steps of Berlin's Victory Column that he is a "citizen of the world." Now the Republican candidate has an opportunity to articulate his vision for US relations with Europe, which has so far remained underdeveloped and reliant on dated platitudes.


Twilight of the Berlin Consensus

The chancellor's concessions regarding the ESM have elicited questions about the decoupling of financial relief from conditionality for Europe's financially troubled states.

China Daily

FDI drop due to global factors

"The attraction for FDI in China differs from that in the US and EU. A large amount of FDI inflow to China is linked to the country's export sector, while much FDI inflow to the US and EU is aimed at serving the domestic market. They are not easily interchangeable," said Ting Xu, senior project manager at [the] Bertelsmann Foundation...


Birth of new Greek drachma would be pained, rushed

"It would be truly revolutionary, in every sense of the word," says Tyson Barker, head of transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation. "There are various ways it could be done ... but you could end up like Cuba with use of multiple currencies or with essentially a barter economy, at least in the early days."

Associated Press

Echoes of Eurozone crisis at NATO meeting

Annette Heuser, executive director of Germany's Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, which focuses on trans-Atlantic cooperation, said in an interview that Europe is unmistakably anxious about U.S. intentions in Europe.

Diplomatic Courier

The Case for Transatlantic Geo-Economics at the G8

For the U.S., the G8 summit is the last high-profile opportunity for the Obama administration to outline its vision for the transatlantic economic relationship before the presidential election.

Pacific Forum CSIS

Concert or Cacophony? Searching for the Foundations of a New International Order

The sinews of the global order are creaking. The most recent sign of age and obsolescence is the BRICS summit that just convened in New Delhi. The BRICS as a group — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — won’t reorder global politics; as much divides them as unites them. But their determination to articulate the grievances of emerging states shouldn’t be ignored.