CapitolWire January 2014: Putting Trade Back on the Fast Track

This issue of CapitolWire explores the status of presidential Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in the United States, the political obstacles in granting the president TPA, and the necessity of TPA for Congressional approval of any TTIP or TPP agreement.

CapitolWire May 2013: The 113th Congress: Who's Who for Europe

This edition of CapitolWire looks at those members of the 113th Congress who will wield significant influence over trans-Atlantic affairs.

CapitolWire December 2012: In the Air: International Aviation-Emissions Regulation

This issue of CapitolWire, "In the Air: International Aviation-Emissions Regulation", looks at the extension of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to the global aviation sector. Washington has taken steps to keep US airlines exempt from this new EU regulation. But there is agreement on both sides of the Atlantic that an international approach to the emissions issue would be best.

CapitolWire February 2012

This issue of CapitolWire, "The State of Play: Transparency in Extractive Industries", looks at US legislation to force disclosure of this sector's payments to governments - and compares it to similar regulation under discussion in the EU. The trans-Atlantic effort is meant to increase transparency and accountability of government revenue generated from extractive industries in resource-rich countries.

CapitolWire November 2011

In this issue of CapitolWire, the Bertelsmann Foundation's trans-Atlantic team explores the effects on Europe of US fiscal austerity.

CapitolWire July 2011

This issue of Capitol Wire focuses on US cyber strategy, specifically digital-security policy.

CapitolWire April 2011

This issue focuses on members of the 112th Congress who will be active in trans-Atlantic and European affairs.

CapitolWire October 2010

This issue focuses on US and European finance-sector policy.

CapitolWire August 2010

This issue focuses on US climate-change legislation.

CapitolWire May 2010

This issue focuses on ten Congressmen and Congresswomen in the US House of Representatives who play an important role in trans-Atlantic affairs.

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