Global Futures Project

Megatrends Project Update Q4 2012

This quarterly Megatrends project update focuses on the November Future Day in Nairobi and program highlights for 2012.

Megatrends Project Update Q3 2012

This quarterly Megatrends Project Update focuses on changes to our website and upcoming Future Days in Nairobi and Houston.

Megatrends Project Update Q2 2012

This quarterly Megatrends Project update focuses on the Future Day in Berlin, Germany and the Regional Editors’ Meeting, and introduces the recent publication of Megatrends in Global Interaction.

Megatrends Project Update Q1 2012

This quarterly Megatrends Project Update focuses on the 2012 Social Media Week in Hamburg, Germany and the project's upcoming events and publications.

Megatrends Project Update Q4 2011

This quarterly Megatrends Project Update focuses on the past autumn's BarCamp and the enormous impact of the Internet on globalized society.

Megatrends Project Update Q3 2011

This quarterly report on the Megatrends project, conducted with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation, described the relaunch of the website, the project's partnership with the Global Economic Symposium, and an ongoing effort to interview people around the world on their visions of the future.

Megatrends Project Update Q2 2011

In this Megatrend Meta-Analysis update, the Future Challenges team discusses new visualization ideas and meetings with Searchlight grantees in Mumbai. The issue also premiers the program's first infographic.

Megatrends Project Update Q1 2011

A summary of the activities and progress of the Bertelsmann Foundation's Megatrend Meta-Analysis project for January through March 2011.

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