The International Response to Crisis in the Middle East: A German Approach

In the final issue of Newpolitik in 2016, Christian-P. Hanelt explores the context in which German policy toward the Middle East has developed. Nearly six years after a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire, igniting a series of protests across the Arab world, the Middle East and North Africa face new conflicts and threats...

Newpolitik: Germany’s Emerging Role in a New World

Newpolitik is the Bertelsmann Foundation's comprehensive guide that explores the context in which German foreign and domestic policy is made.

Europe's Reluctant Leader

In this issue of Newpolitik, Isabell Hoffmann explores the role that Germany is beginning to play as the European Union’s reluctant leader. With a British exit looming, Chancellor Angela Merkel will face an immense challenge as she attempts to hold the bloc together.

The End of Panda Politics

The latest edition of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Newpolitik series explores the challenges ahead for Germany as its relationship evolves with the People’s Republic of China. Germany enjoys a special relationship with China for now, but author Bernhard Bartsch explains how increased political and economic competition have begun to strain Berlin’s relationship with Beijing.

Preserving an Old Model in a New World: German Economic Policy

In the second issue of the Newpolitik series, the Bertelsmann Foundation explores Germany’s social market economy, which combines economic dynamism with social justice. Although Germany has been hailed by some as an “economic superstar” in recent years due to its low unemployment rate and export surplus, this stability may be in jeopardy.

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