Global Economic Dynamics

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Economic globalization is the foundation of our well-being, but the increasing connectedness of our economies makes economic crises ever more difficult to isolate and manage. The situation demands a more exact understanding of economic globalization and of its impact on national economies and on citizens themselves. Discussions of theory are no longer adequate. To identify and evaluate better economic actions and reactions, more complete data, quantitative predictions and estimates of economic impacts under different conditions are needed.

The Global Economic Dynamics (GED) project is developing a comprehensive economic model, which it will then use to create a monitoring tool that will keep track of the values and costs of economic globalization. This will help the Bertelsmann Foundation to explain to a broader public the effects of globalization; deliver better information to decision-makers; and identify economic and social strategies that use the strengths and mechanisms of globalization to our collective advantage.

Click on the video above for an introduction to the GED project. Additional information is available on the project's homepage.