Pacific Pumas

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Jorge Merino

The Washington, DC presentation of "The Pacific Pumas" study on March 13, 2014

Video: The Pacific Pumas 1: Economic Developments in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru
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Video: The Pacific Pumas 3: The Pacific Alliance
Video: The Pacific Pumas 4: Prepared to Pounce?
Photo: Pacific Pumas presentation 1

The puma: A powerful, fast, agile, lean and stealthy animal. Efficient and resourceful, this New World cat can thrive in mountainous highlands and humid rainforests.

It is a fitting mascot for the emergence of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

These four countries along Latin America’s west coast have made great political and economic strides recently, and they are poised to emerge as regional leaders. Like the animal, these "Pacific Pumas" are comfortable operating quietly, away from the spotlight.

But their positive momentum is difficult to ignore. They have created a solid foundation for development precisely as the greater Pacific stands to emerge as a focal point of global growth.

United in the Pacific Alliance, the four Pumas represent more than 200 million people with a US$2.22 trillion GDP. Their combined global trade accounts for half of the Latin American total, while the depth and breadth of their free-trade agreements have positioned them to increase commerce with Europe, the US and Asia.

The Bertelsmann Foundation's work on the Pacific Pumas analyzes their progress and opportunities — and the traps they must avoid as they move forward.