Leonie von Vollard-Bockelberg

Policy Adviser

Office of Florian Hahn, MdB (CSU)

Leonie von Vollard-Bockelberg is a policy adviser and parliamentary assistant to Bundestag member Florian Hahn, who is the Christian Social Union (CSU) spokesman for European and foreign affairs, defense, development cooperation, human rights and humanitarian aid. Before joining Hahn’s office in September 2015, Von Vollard-Bockelberg worked for Bundestag member Tobias Zech (CSU), and supervised his work on the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development. In that capacity, she supported the work of the nongovernmental organization Orienthelfer e.V., which provides humanitarian assistance for victims of the conflict in Syria. In addition, von Vollard-Bockelberg teaches German to refugees at the Malteser refugee shelter in Neukölln, Berlin. She has degrees in governance and public policy from the University of Passau and international relations at the University of Bristol.