CEPI 2021

Congressional European Parliamentary Initiative

In its second year as a virtual endeavor, the Congressional European Parliamentary Initiative (CEPI) fellowship allowed for fellows to participate in weekly sessions exploring the topic of Sustainable Innovation. Throughout the fellowship the following themes were explored:

  • Climate Philosophy
  • Climate Legislative Policy
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainable Trade
  • R&D for Climate Neutral Technologies
  • The Future of Food
  • The Nexus Between Climate and Security
  • Plastics Replacements
  • Smart Cities

In virtual meetings on both sides of the Atlantic, CEPI participants engaged with a variety of actors ranging from representatives of the EU Commission to important American private sector players. The 2021 Virtual Program will last from June 2021 until November 2021. In addition to virtual sessions, a publication will be released at the end of the fellowship surrounding these important topics.

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