CEPI Program

Congressional European Parliamentary Initiative

Each year, the program convenes over a period of two weeks. The first week takes place in the U.S., where fellows meet with federal-level policymakers, stakeholders, and private sector representatives in Washington, D.C. The second half of the first week takes place in a U.S. city other than Washington. The second week of the fellowship, which occurs roughly a month after the first week, takes place in Europe and is divided between Berlin, Germany, and Brussels, Berlin.

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CEPI 2021 |

CEPI 2021

CEPI 2021 centers on topics from green technology and innovation to sustainable agriculture and how digitization will affect the environment.

CEPI 2020 |

CEPI 2020

In 2020, CEPI convened a diverse transatlantic group for an exchange of ideas around the theme of artificial intelligence.

CEPI 2019 |

CEPI 2019

CEPI 2019 focused on policy and regulatory challenges for the digital economy.

CEPI 2018 |

CEPI 2018

CEPI 2018 centered on topics crucial to the digital economy, including GDPR and transatlantic data flows, technological innovation, and artificial intelligence.

CEPI 2017 |

CEPI 2017

CEPI 2017 focused on transatlantic cybersecurity policy and strategy.

CEPI 2016 |

CEPI 2016

CEPI 2016 brought together participants to discuss migration.

CEPI 2015 |

CEPI 2015

CEPI 2015's program tackled challenges of international trade.

CEPI 2014 |

CEPI 2014

CEPI 2014 participants met for a dual program on cybersecurity and trade.

CEPI 2013 |

CEPI 2013

CEPI 2013 focused on cybersecurity and trade.

CEPI 2012 |

CEPI 2012

CEPI 2012 addressed finance and agriculture in the U.S. and Europe.