Discussing Steel Tariffs in Birmingham, AL

In June 2018, we visited Birmingham, Alabama to capture a snapshot of the city ahead of the November midterm elections.

Among the issues we discussed were the steel tariffs implemented by the Trump administration. These tariffs prompted retaliation from the EU before a July meeting between U.S. president Trump and European Commission president Juncker paused the escalating trade war.

For Alabama, a state with a long history of steel production and many steel and iron related industries, the stakes are high. While many in Washington and Brussels focused on the negative impacts of the tariffs like lower profits, potential layoffs in affected industries, and higher prices for certain consumer goods, people we met in Birmingham had mixed perspectives on the impact this changing trade relationship could have on their lives.

Keep an eye out for our longer film exploring Birmingham in the context of U.S. national politics. Coming mid-October.


Emily Hruban
Manager, Transatlantic Relations

Nathan Crist
Manager, Digital Communications
Researcher, Transatlantic Relations