Samuel George uses a multi-media approach to investigate critical issues in global economics, with a special focus on emerging markets. His signature video series, The Crossroads, combines expert interviews, graphics, and on-the-ground conversations and analysis to bring viewers inside cutting-edge moments in the global political economy. He also produces animated videos and interviews that highlight key findings in Bertelsmann Foundation and Bertelsmann Stiftung studies.

Samuel initially joined the Bertelsmann Foundation in 2012 as a Latin America specialist working with the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Global Economic Dynamics project. Highlights of this work include the introduction of the “Pacific Pumas” concept, which relates to the advancements and opportunities of key countries in Latin America, as well investigations into Brazil’s economic malaise, Argentina’s debt crisis and Caribbean growth strategies. His studies on international economics have been cited in the Financial Times, the Economist and the Washington Post, and he continues to work closely with the Global Economic Dynamics project.

Samuel is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and holds a master’s degree in international economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington.