• B|Brief: Protecting Europe’s Family Ties in Trying Times

    In 1946, it was British Conservative Winston Churchill who famously called for the creation of a European family and the establishment of a United States of Europe. So perhaps it is fitting that another Tory may preside over the family’s dissolution.

    The upcoming British EU referendum is a step in the wrong direction for the European Union, but it certainly isn’t the first. What began as a dream of an ever-closer union has devolved into a collection of states in which national interest trumps unity.

  • Media Advisory:
    Most EU Citizens Want the United Kingdom to Stay

    A majority of people in the European Union outside of the United Kingdom do not support a British exit from the EU. If the U.K. were to leave, however, few fear specific consequences for their own country, according to the latest EU-wide opinion poll commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung

  • Preserving an Old Model in a New World: German Economic Policy

    In the second issue of the Newpolitik series, the Bertelsmann Foundation explores Germany’s social market economy, which combines economic dynamism with social justice. Although Germany has been hailed by some as an “economic superstar” in recent years due to its low unemployment rate and export surplus, this stability may be in jeopardy.

  • B|Brief: The Pacific Alliance 2.0 – Next Level Integration

    Just a few years ago, the Pacific Alliance, then a new pact between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, was considered the most important alliance you’ve never heard of. However, that anonymity was short-lived.

    As the presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru prepare for their eleventh Presidential Summit this July in Chile, we look at some of the areas where the Alliance could take integration to the next level.

  • Pacific Alliance 2.0: Next Steps in Integration


    In a new report, co-authors Samuel George of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Atlantic Council’s Jason Marczak reflect on a new vision for the Pacific Alliance, version 2.0.

    This paper is the result of a months-long collaboration between the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Atlantic Council to convene a high-level working group of leaders from around the world representing the public, private, multilateral and academic sectors, to discuss possible strategies for deeper integration among Pacific Alliance countries.

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