• The Crossroads: Brazil

    April 27, 2016

    Sometimes countries face economic turmoil. Sometimes countries face political crises. From time to time, countries must address social tumult. Brazil – a country so recently on the rise – faces all three at once. The latest episode of The Crossroads features commentary from Joaquim Levy, Arminio Fraga, Otaviano Canuto and many more, GED’s Samuel George takes us to the heart of a country at the crossroads.

  • Media Advisory:
    Skepticism of TTIP Growing in the US, Germany

    New survey examines attitudes toward free trade and TTIP on both sides of the Atlantic

    GÜTERSLOH/WASHINGTON (April 21, 2016) - As U.S. and European negotiators prepare to hash out details in the next round of talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in New York, they must contend with shifting public opinion.

    While the European majority welcomes TTIP, Germans have become more skeptical of the agreement, according to a new Bertelsmann Stiftung survey.

  • B|Brief: The EU’s Arc of Instability: Can the European Neighborhood Policy be Resurrected?

    Twelve years after its launch, the ENP has failed to secure any of its main objectives. Perhaps most shockingly, the EU and its flagship foreign policy mechanism have presided over a drastic deterioration in the humanitarian and security situations of its partners. Recent crises show that the ENP is in need of not just drastic reform, but an urgent reordering of its priorities.

  • TTIP Beyond the Beltway: American Perspectives


    TTIP Beyond the Beltway: American Perspectives is the culminating report of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s TTIP Town Hall program, a two-year project that convened a series of town hall-style meetings with Washington trade experts and local stakeholders in five U.S. states.

    The publication is intended to inform decision-makers about what is important to stakeholders beyond the Beltway and enrich the discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment...

  • A Chain Reaction? Effects of Mega-Trade Agreements on Latin America


    A new Bertelsmann Foundation study, A Chain Reaction? Effects of Mega-Trade Agreements on Latin America, shines light on the potential effects of the newest wave of proposed free trade agreements on Latin America.

    With original data based on multi-sector trade modeling conducted in collaboration with the Ifo Institute, the authors consider how the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTIP), the Free Trade...

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