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No Collar Economy Africa

Apps for the Informal Market

Around the world, gig-based work is affecting economies in different ways. In Africa, one impact has been the ability of informal workers to expand their customer base.

For example, Mozambique, a country of 27 million people, has just 1 million formal jobs. Prior to the digital revolution, the most common strategy for informal workers to find new clients was by word of mouth or by posting advertisements on trees. The No Collar Economy is changing this.

In this new animation, we follow the true story of Antonio Macandala, a carpenter who lives on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique. He is well trained, coming from a family dedicated to the craft, but gaining new customers was always a challenge—until he started using the Biscate web app.

The Bertelsmann Foundation thanks Mr. Macandala for sharing his story.

This animation is part of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Our Digital World animation series.


Samuel George

Global Markets and Digital Adviser
Bertelsmann Foundation