Transatlantic Perspectives on Global Challenges

The Bertelsmann Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to a strong and lasting transatlantic relationship.


Democratic decline in the U.S. and Europe is weakening the transatlantic relationship and undermining its influence around the world. America and its European allies need to recalibrate their values and practicies at home in order to serve as beacons to aspiring democracies abroad. But disruptions to our democratic traditions keep emerging: from new technologies changing the way we communicate and work to pandemics and economic shocks. Our work analyzes how these disruptions are playing out, and it will be up to civil society, lawmakers, and the people to prepare our democracies for the future.

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Politics & Society

From economic crises and trade wars to the rise of populism and strained international cooperation, it seems that the United States and its European partners are growing apart on many levels. We follow the state of the transatlantic relationship and how politics and societies on both sides of the Atlantic are handling the global challenges of the 21st century. Through research, polling, and our transatlantic legislative exchange program, CEPI, we seek to foster stronger transatlantic ties through a deeper mutual understanding.

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Future of Work

Technology and automation are rapidly reshaping industries, economies, and the world of work, and transatlantic exchange on the future of work is key to ensuring a sustainable future for all. We have generated national and international dialogue on how the U.S. and Europe can learn from each other, before shifting to focus on how cities, counties, and states can pioneer future of work policy. Using stakeholder engagement, video, and multimedia tools, we make the case for why local leaders should be thinking about — and planning for — the future of work.

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Digital Economy

Around the world, humanity navigates a digital revolution that’s upending life as we know it. And while the United States and Europe are the nexus of the world's data flows and digital trade for now, the rest of the world is expanding digital output exponentially. It’s now more essential than ever that the conversation about these changes be inclusive. A successful transition to a digital world requires input from all sectors of society. Through analysis, data visualization, and documentary storytelling, we bring you inside the issues shaping today's global digital economy.

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