Season 2, Episode 1 | Susana Malcorra on the UN's efforts to stop the spread of Ebola

In Leadership in Action’s season two, episode one, Susana Malcorra, former Argentine Foreign Minister and Chef de Cabinet of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, takes viewers inside the United Nations’ efforts to combat the spread of Ebola across West Africa. As the disease spread quickly from town to town, city to city, then country to country, Malcorra retraces the path taken, working with local health officials and scientists from around the world to contain the spread, and ultimately protect the millions of people who were in the crosshairs of this dangerous disease.

While the actions of Malcorra and her team were completed nearly a decade ago, her work laid the foundation for a rapid regional, and subsequently global, response to the COVID pandemic in 2020. This episode is about more than curtailing the spread of a deadly virus, it’s about culture, resilience and the importance of taking informed action.

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