Season 4, Episode 3 | Mónica Guzmán

Bridging the Partisan Divide

Bridging the Partisan Divide | What does it mean to engage with someone on the other side of the political aisle? Mónica Guzmán has made it her mission to answer this question and facilitate thoughtful, constructive dialogue between the political left and right in the United States. In her latest book, I Never Thought of it That Way, she explores the ways in which American citizens can move beyond political barriers and work together to create a less divided political system. In this episode of How to Fix Democracy, she joins host Andrew Keen to discuss the dire state of the political landscape in the United States today, as well steps that we can take to fix it. She explores the ways in which she is able to engage with people who believe differently than her, and the events in her life which have led her to this place.

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 | Bridging the Partisan Divide