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Disrupting Democracy Vol. III

Graphic Images is the third volume in the Disrupting Democracy series.

Disrupting Democracy focuses on technology’s impact on political, economic, and social ecosystems worldwide. In the first volume, we examined how technological innovations transformed countries at various stages of political and technological development. Our case studies – India, Germany, Israel, Cuba, and the United States – demonstrated distinct experiences at the intersection of technology and democracy, but there were common themes that cut across all the countries. Bridging the urban-rural access divide, combatting disinformation, and displacing traditional media presented policy challenges that each government had to face.

In Disrupting Democracy Volume II, we probed more deeply in our research by conducting our work within the crucible of active election campaigns. Those pages tell the tales of the Democratic Party’s “blue wave” in the US midterm elections, history-making victories for populism in Mexico and Italy, and Russia’s ongoing attempts to influence electoral outcomes in neighboring Latvia. These cases revealed an unbalanced ledger of benefits and consequences of technology on campaigning, elections systems, and governance.

For this third edition of the series, we decided to turn everything you’ve come to expect from Disrupting Democracy on its head. Rather than looking at the impact of technology on democracy, this volume will use technology to help us better explain democracy in the 21st century. Through the use of carefully constructed algorithms by our partners at the Institute for Competitiveness, we have collected data points that are the driving forces behind the volatility in democracy today. We’ve taken more than 10,000 data points and converted them into a compendium of visualizations that provides a degree of depth that will take you well beyond any written analysis.

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