Iranian Influence on the March

This October infographic offers a preview of our upcoming publication, Graphic Images Volume II, from the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Disrupting Democracy series. This compilation of data visualizations examines the tactics used by regional powers - Russia, China and Iran - to influence their respective neighborhoods.

After Iran’s revolution of 1979, a few concepts emerged as unshakable creed, including opposition to the United States, Israel, and a belief that armed struggle was the way forward. Meanwhile, Islamists that took power in Tehran believed that the message of the 1979 revolution was not limited to its borders. With that in mind, Iran has spent the last four decades sharpening its tactic of using proxy militias to exert its influence throughout the Middle East. This B| Visual answers the questions: Who is implementing Tehran's strategy and where are they operating?


Anthony T. Silberfeld

Director, Transatlantic Relations
Bertelsmann Foundation

Iranian Influence on the March Infographic

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