Russian Disinformation Pinballs Around the Globe

In the latest installment in our Disrupting Democracy series, the Bertelsmann Foundation has created a collection of new digital animations examining how regional powers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East use specialized tools to project influence in their respective neighborhoods. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll bring you stories from Russia, China and Iran to reveal the tactics that are shaping the new international order.

Russian disinformation campaigns have become notorious around the world for their ability to cause chaos. And while some suggest Moscow’s motives begin and end with creating havoc, the reality is that Russia has clear strategic goals in mind.

The Kremlin employs disinformation operations to weaken its competitors overseas, to maintain influence in its own neighborhood, and to keep President Putin in power. In our latest animation, the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Alliance for Securing Democracy shine a spotlight on the Lugar Research Center in Tblisi, Georgia, as a case study in how Russian disinformation works, and its capacity to undermine trust in government, institutions and the transatlantic alliance.


Anthony T. Silberfeld

Director, Transatlantic Relations
Bertelsmann Foundation