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Maintaining a One-Party State in China

Our November infographic offers a preview of the Bertelsmann Foundation's upcoming publication, Graphic Images Volume II, from our Disrupting Democracy series. This compilation of data visualizations examines the tactics used by regional powers - Russia, China and Iran - to influence their respective neighborhoods.

Since coming to power in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has dominated the political landscape. While there are eight other non-communist parties in the country, it is effectively a one-party state. Despite attempts in the past two decades to experiment with "democracy" at the local level, no progress has been made on creating a multi-party system. This infographic presents fourteen years of data, compiled by the Bertelsmann Transformation Index, to show just how entrenched the status quo is in Beijing.


Anthony T. Silberfeld

Director, Transatlantic Relations
Bertelsmann Foundation

Welcome to the Party

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