The Bertelsmann Foundation Fellowship

The Bertelsmann Foundation Fellowship (BFF), formerly known as the Congressional European Parliamentary Initiative (CEPI), offers a unique transatlantic hybrid experience spanning five months, designed to foster connections, knowledge transfer, and learning. Each year, the fellowship delves into global challenges confronting the transatlantic alliance. Commencing with an in-person trip to Washington, D.C., fellows then embark on a three-month virtual program, meeting weekly with experts relevant to the year's theme. The fellowship culminates with a visit to Brussels facilitating further in-person engagement. At the program's conclusion, fellows collaborate on a final publication presenting concrete policy recommendations pertaining to the chosen topic, released as an outcome of the BFF initiative. Fellows then also become a part of a larger, active Alumni network- finding opportunities to engage with the Bertelsmann Foundation Fellowship beyond their fellowship year.

The Bertelsmann Foundation is no longer accepting applications for the Class of 2024.

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Class of 2024 |

Class of 2024

The BFF Class of 2024 is focusing on defending democracy.

Class of 2023 |

Class of 2023

The BFF Class of 2023 focused on the future of work.

Class of 2022 |

Class of 2022

The BFF Class of 2022 focused on the topic of a Transatlantic Approach to the Developing World.

Class of 2021 |

Class of 2021

CEPI 2021 focused on sustainable innovation.

Class of 2020 |

Class of 2020

CEPI 2020 focused on artificial intelligence.

Class of 2019 |

Class of 2019

CEPI 2019 focused on policy and regulatory challenges for the digital economy.

Class of 2018 |

Class of 2018

CEPI 2018 centered on topics crucial to the digital economy, including GDPR and transatlantic data flows, technological innovation, and artificial intelligence.

Class of 2017 |

Class of 2017

CEPI 2017 focused on transatlantic cybersecurity policy and strategy.

Class of 2016 |

Class of 2016

CEPI 2016 brought together participants to discuss migration.

Class of 2015 |

Class of 2015

CEPI 2015's program tackled challenges of international trade.

Class of 2014 |

Class of 2014

CEPI 2014 participants met for a dual program on cybersecurity and trade.

Class of 2013 |

Class of 2013

CEPI 2013 focused on cybersecurity and trade.

Class of 2012 |

Class of 2012

CEPI 2012 addressed finance and agriculture in the U.S. and Europe.

Class of 2011 |

Class of 2011

The 2011 program convened around the topic of immigration and border control as well as energy and raw governance.

Class of 2010 |

Class of 2010

The 2010 program met on financial service regulation as well as energy and climate change policy.