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From economic crises and trade wars to the rise of populism and strained international cooperation, it seems that the United States and its European partners are growing apart on many levels. We follow the state of the transatlantic relationship and how politics and societies on both sides of the Atlantic are handling the global challenges of the 21st century. Through research, polling, and our transatlantic legislative exchange program, CEPI, we seek to foster stronger transatlantic ties through a deeper mutual understanding.



The Congressional European Parliamentary Initiative (CEPI) program facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences among senior staff of the German Bundestag and European Parliament, elected U.S. legislators, and select private sector individuals. It provides participants with exposure to legislative processes, policy formulation, and political and institutional challenges in the United States and Europe.

Transatlantic Trends 2020

2020 has been marked by an unprecedented series of political, economic, and societal shocks that have tested the resilience of the transatlantic relationship.From the Covid-19 pandemic and its global implications, to regional issues such as the risk of military escalation with Iran, to purely transatlantic matters like the withdrawal of American troops from Germany, the United States and Europe have experienced a multiplicity of crises that challenge the terms of the transatlantic partnership.

Transatlantic Trends 2020 |

People-Led Innovation

With more than half the world’s population residing in cities, responsibility for solving societal challenges – ranging from climate change to terrorism and the future of work – is increasingly falling to officials at the local level. However, deteriorating fiscal conditions, coupled with a long-term decline in public trust in government, has diminished local leaders’ ability to meet citizens’ increasingly complex demands.

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The Transatlantic Relationship’s High Noon

The end of the film High Noon, a 1952 Western that rendered Gary Cooper's image synonymous with that of the lonesome, gun-slinging frontiersman, was equal parts controversial and iconic. Playing Sheriff Will Kane, Cooper’s town selfishly leaves him alone to face a band of outlaws. After he...

The Geopolitics of TikTok

Once the domain of teenage dancers, pranksters, and aspiring influencers, TikTok has become a lightning rod in disputes among global powers. The Chinese video app is in the crosshairs of policymakers whose options to move against Beijing are limited.

COVID-19 and Germany’s Political Transformation

In February, a political earthquake in the small eastern state of Thuringia sent shockwaves across Germany.[1] After the state-level Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Free Democratic Party (FDP) broke political taboo by collaborating with the populist far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD),...