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Pacific Alliance 2.0

Next Steps in Integration

The Pacific Alliance, an integration agreement between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, has achieved remarkable success in recent years. Also known as the Pacific Pumas, the four countries have worked together since 2011 to eliminate tariffs on over 92 percent of goods, integrate their national stock markets and remove intra-Alliance visa restrictions.

It’s a good start, but the Pumas are interested in more than just a good start. The alliance’s early success has positioned the quartet to achieve deeper and potentially more rewarding levels of integration.

For several months, the Bertelsmann Foundation collaborated with the Atlantic Council to convene a high-level working group with leaders from around the world representing the public, private, multilateral and academic sectors to discuss strategies for deeper integration among Pacific Alliance countries.

In this paper co-authors Samuel George of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Atlantic Council’s Jason Marczak reflect on a new vision for the Pacific Alliance, version 2.0.


Jason Marczak

Samuel George

Global Markets and Digital Adviser
Bertelsmann Foundation