Transatlantic Barometer

The main fixture of the Transatlantic Barometer is a microsite that provides users with a synopsis of the policy positions for 30 key transatlantic actors: the U.S., the UK, and the EU as well as its 27 member states. On a monthly basis, an editorial board comprised of staff members from the Bertelsmann Foundation and Europe’s Future team at the Bertelsmann Stiftung identify the most pressing topics impacting the transatlantic relationship. The project team then engages with subject matter experts on both sides of the Atlantic to determine the best approach for each snapshot overview. All information is peer-reviewed by a comprehensive list of knowledge partners including diplomatic sources, think tanks, and academic institutions.

For each topic, we provide users with a snapshot overview of how each actor is engaging accordingly. The Transatlantic Barometer provides two ways of accessing content. First, users can click on select topics, generating a carousel of all transatlantic stakeholder positions. Alternatively, users can click on individual actors, revealing a carousel connecting the country to the topics. In addition to providing snapshot policy engagement on the main page of the digital platform, the Barometer also includes explanatory animations, written analysis, and infographics to highlight the factors driving country-specific activity.

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