Transatlantic Trends 2022

Public Opinion in Times of Geopolitical Turmoil

The geopolitical turmoil of 2022 presents a multitude of challenges for the transatlantic community. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s geostrategic ambitions to the worsening climate crisis and democratic backsliding, greater transatlantic cooperation is of paramount importance. In the face of such challenges, the transatlantic community has largely shown resolve, yet divergences in interests among partners remain.

The policy developments the transatlantic community is facing this year are striking, and in some cases unprecedented. Yet, in times of crisis, we can only expect more difficult decisions having to be made in the months ahead—decisions that require effective communication between governments and citizens. In this context, it is critical to understand how these challenging times and the future look to societies on both sides of the Atlantic. The need to anchor transatlantic cooperation in the perceptions of the public is at the core of the Transatlantic Trends project.

Transatlantic Trends 2022 presents the results of surveys conducted in 14 countries from all corners of the transatlantic community: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Türkiye, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The original data provided by this report is meant to be a helpful tool for policymakers, business leaders, experts, academia, and the media. It also aims at fostering relevant debates, strengthening mutual understanding, and building a positive agenda for transatlantic cooperation.

Divided into four chapters, Transatlantic Trends provides a detailed picture of public opinion on core and contemporary issues: global order, transatlantic relations, international security and defense, and relations with China.

We are confident that the findings can inform innovative policy decisions to advance transatlantic cooperation and offer an intellectual and practical starting point for building a future together based on the priorities and interests of citizens.

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 | Public Opinion in Times of Geopolitical Turmoil