Transponder Issue 3

We are excited to announce the release of the Third Issue of our biannual publication, the Transponder Magazine. The topic of this issue is Resilience, featuring a collection of written and visual works that explore how members of the transatlantic community can remain resilient in the face of new and old challenges.

Cyber threats, climate change, and Russian and Chinese aggression have posed new hurdles to the security of the transatlantic community. Such hurdles have required unique and timely solutions, necessitating close cooperation among transatlantic partners. Simultaneously, countries are forced to grapple with much older, structural, domestic problems. To be resilient, the transatlantic community must rise and overcome all these challenges. They must establish new systems to confront current (and future) obstacles, while still facing problems arising from past mistakes. This is no easy feat, but it can be done through cooperation and innovation.

By bringing together this collection of stories and perspectives, we hope to shed a light on the initiatives already taking place, and those that are still needed, in order to maintain the strength and resilience of the transatlantic community. Happy reading!

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