Transponder Issue 4

We are excited to announce the release of the Fourth Issue of our biannual publication, the Transponder Magazine. The topic of this issue is Identity, featuring a collection of written and visual works that explore the diversity and breadth of identity on both sides of the Atlantic, revealing themes of citizenship, belonging, personhood, heritage, and online persona.

In an era of widespread digital and cultural transformation, division, and societal change, what makes us who we are? What brings us together and what separates us?  In the following pages, you will find a series of thought-provoking stories and profiles that approach these questions in unique ways, uncovering new dimensions of the intricate tapestry of transatlantic identity.

I hope that these articles inspire deep reflection and new understandings about the multeity of human experience. And, in the process, I hope that you learn something about yourself as well.

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