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TTIP Beyond the Beltway: American Perspectives

TTIP Beyond the Beltway: American Perspectives is the culminating report of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s TTIP Town Hall program, a two-year project that convened a series of town hall-style meetings with Washington trade experts and local stakeholders in five U.S. states.

The publication is intended to inform decision-makers about what is important to stakeholders beyond the Beltway and enrich the discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) both in and outside of Washington. It offers an economic overview of the five states selected for the program – Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, California and Massachusetts – and an assessment of each state’s trade and investment relationship with the European Union.

The report also features unique lessons learned on the road and identifies specific potential impacts of the TTIP agreement in each state. Although engagement on trade varies from state to state and among various interest groups, the most notable and consistent takeaway was that knowledge of TTIP is generally low. However, most were eager to learn about its content and what it might mean for the country, the state and their local community.