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Who’s Helping the Western Balkans with COVID-19?

Tracking Coronavirus Aid Packages to the Western Balkans

The European Union, the United States, China, Russia, and others have sent aid to the six non-EU Western Balkan states to help with their responses to the coronavirus pandemic. An initial EU aid package sent 38 million euros to address immediate medical needs and 374 million euros for short and medium term social and economic recovery. Since then, the EU has made over 3.3 billion euros available to the region to help with COVID-19 and the post-pandemic recovery, cementing them as the region’s top supporter during this crisis. This B|Visual shows who’s giving what kinds of aid to whom in the Western Balkans.


Nathan Crist

Manager, Transatlantic Projects and Digital Communications
Bertelsmann Foundation


Who’s Helping the Western Balkans with COVID-19?

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